Thank you

Wool For Every Day is incredibly fortunate to have had support from a range of businesses and professionals with a similar goal of sharing understanding of the benefits of wool.

Paying it forward, TO YOU!

💚Thank you EMU Australia for 25% OFF and free shipping made available until May 31st 2020. See Cassie’s Emu Australia Wool Sneaker Review for details!

💛 For newborns and under 24 months – Merineo is the collection to see! Get in touch and chat about why wool is best for those in the first stages of life for 10% off!

💙 Coming soonExcited to collaborate with Iris and Wool with her AW20 launch of merino wool garments, due March 2020! Watch here for a Wool For Every Day supporter code!

💜 Special thanks to the crew at United by Wool for all their support and the 15% discount special code SAMWANUNITED made available to Wool For Every Day supporters for April 2019.

💚 Thank you to Lucas Smith from Wool+Aid for sending across a pack of his super wool bandages to review – seeing is believing!

💙 To the lovely Bel from Felt Flower Market for sharing her woolly sunflower with us!