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  • The One Wool Item I Keep Buying & Never Use
    What?! No jokes. There’s a item made from 100% Merino wool out in the world that I’ve bought and keep buying and have yet to use. Yes, all the wool items I review […]
    Wool For Every Day is just a little bit stoked to be offered a $50 Merino Country Gift Voucher to give away to followers this December! 😍 That’s $50 to spend on gear […]
  • uimi Jumper by Rachael
    Australian made knitwear from uimi has been on my wish list and radar for a while. They’re based in Melbourne (like me!) and have just released their new Essentials collection, Merino wool 2020 […]
  • 3 Must-Visit Online Stores To Buy Wool Sleepwear
    I got this question on email: Where can I buy wool sleepwear or dressing gowns? Pajamas. Pyjamas. Jammies. PJs. Jimjams. Sleepwear. Wearing wool for (the best night) sleep! Wool’s natural benefits come to […]
  • Merino 3-Layer Sleep Mask from YOU ARE WHAT YOU SLEEP
    How a woollen sleep mask is helping me quiet the noise of the day and get through COVID. COVID-19 mucking with your sleep cycles? Glad to hear if it isn’t.. BUT if you’re […]
  • Sheep Scale 1-9 Meme | Wool For Every Day
    I made the sheep-scale as a way to check in on my sheep and wool mates in a fun way. We’re all currently facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, and one of the most important things we can all do is check in with each other.
  • #35 in Top 75 Sustainable Fashion 2020 blog list by
    18 months ago, I started a passion project: a blog promoting wool as the natural fibre for today – every day – by sharing online reviews on wool items I have and use. […]
  • Merino Face Mask by Merino Country
    Where to buy a face mask? How about right here in Australia. Support an Australian family business that is using natural Australian Merino wool fibre. Merino Country is an Australian family business who’s […]
  • Lindner Socks Review by Adele
    Winter is here! Between cold floors or just naturally cold extremities, feet and toes are bearing the brunt of this cold wintery change. It doesn’t even matter how warm your shoes say they […]
  • Emu Australia Stinger Lo
    The STINGER LO is from the EMU Australia‘s Platinium Collection, a special collection of genuine sheepskin boots, Made in Australia with Australian wool. In fact, handcrafted in Geelong – Victoria, not very far […]
  • Merino Wool Felt Mousepad (by HEY-SIGN)
    A wool mousepad is by far THE easiest way to add natural wool fibre into your home or work office (or go both, like I did). And not just any wool, these products designed and manufactured by HEY-SIGN in Germany and finished by hand use pure new Merino wool, is sourced from Australia and New Zealand and carry the WOOLMARK label.
  • JERSEY (Wool Stationery) by Corban & Blair
    The JERSEY stationery collection is three pieces, with a stunning aesthetic appeal that brightens when you learn more about them. Complete with the directive to ‘Bring Manufacturing Home’, they are made in Australia , pairing off genuine leather off cuts and Australian and New Zealand wool felt to ‘create a natural product that minimises waste’ and are ‘created for people who value craftsmanship and quality materials’.
  • Drysdale Pullover from Iris & Wool
    The Drysdale Pullover from South Australian label, Iris & Wool is a stunning piece, in a collection that is timelessly sophisticated, striking modern designs with sleek silhouettes.
  • Emu Australia Wool Sneaker Review by Cassie
    As much as it would make it easier to buy wool shoes as an octopus, unfortunately I am not one and I’m sorry to report that I have hit a bit of a […]
  • The SWOOLLY Merino Wool Sweater
    Being based in Melbourne, it’s not every day that you get to head across to the west of the country for a wool sale, auctioneer Western Australian wool and then come home with […]
  • Wool Felt Flowers by Felt Flower Market
    It wasn’t by chance that I was running wool-esque keywords through Facebook Marketplace, I actually do it quite often. It is very much in line with wool’s second life function and ability to […]
  • Wool+Aid | Merino Wool Bandage
    The old addage of ‘has to be seen to be believed‘ rang true. Surely not?? It is really wool?! Really? It was an absolute treat to see the same disbelief change to the […]
  • (no title)
    “Wool is not only one of the oldest fibres known to mankind, it is also one of the most beneficial.” His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales
  • Wool& Rowena STRETCH Swing Dress [pockets!] | WOOL FOR EVERY DAY
    If you’re feeling a bit of dejavu – it’s because this beauty got a fabric update on the original Rowena! Still with pockets and still buttery soft and ready to tick all the […]
  • Lanolips 101 Ointment | WOOL FOR EVERY DAY
    In June 2019, I was fortunate enough to travel to Italy on a wool study tour. Sure, the standard work uniform and wool clothing was packed (light, layerable and less laundering) But also […]
    I had a number of questions come through on pure wool work socks! It’s a tough call as most I’ve come across are mixed with nylon for durability/structure for the work sock. Wool […]
  • Where’s the Wool – Wool Retail Guide | WOOLFOREVERYDAY
    Though ‘Pay it forward, in wool’ is linked to online purchases, I have some go-to wool retail spots for WHERE TO BUY WOOL which has evolved into the start of a wool retail […]
  • Wundies by Merino Country | WOOLFOREVERDAY
    Wool underwear. Underwear made of wool. Truly, really. And they are next level incredible! And not just any wool, 100% Australian Merino wool and made in Australia. WHY   I’m likely preaching to the […]
  • Wool Felted Soap | WOOLFOREVERDAY
    PULL THE PLUG on plastic AND WASH WITH WOOL! These are a serious shower game changer. After I posted up a story on my Instagram (@s_wan926) I got so many curious minds wanting […]
  • 15% off* at United By Wool! (expired) | WOOLFOREVERYDAY
    Please show lots of feel-good fibre love to the stars at United by Wool and check out their amazing handpicked range! 💜 We’re on the same wool-length when it comes to you needing […]
  • Where to Find A Wool Backpack
    The functionality of a backpack can’t be beaten. I prefer a backpack unless the social situation dictates something more one sided… And gee, I’d LOVE a wool one! I came across the MUJI […]
  • Devold Trollkyrkja
    *UNICORN* This is definitely a post to save me taking away the impressiveness of the product by attempting to pronounce this on correctly. I was fortunate enough to hear Devold CEO, Cathrine Stange, […]
  • Bow & Arrow Swing Jumper
    From the Bow&Arrow Winter 2018 collection, I fell in love with the Navy with Tan Patches a while back, at one of a number of field days or sheep shows……. A friend of […]
  • Wool& Rowena Swing Dress [pockets!] | WOOLFOREVERYDAY
    Calm yourself, this dress has pockets! The Rowena is buttery soft. Made from 78% merino wool (for the wool-nerds like me, they use 17.5 micron) with 22% nylon at 160 gsm. UPDATE: After […]
  • FLATOUT bears
    Need a fool-proof new baby Australian gift? I’ve sent them as gifts and recommended these to many, one buying multiple for the one child… Made of 100% Australian sheepskin, these are just too […]
  • Tom’s Studio, Solidwool Pen
    *UNICORN* [If I won lotto in a big way, this is on my list….] You’re reading right.. a WOOL pen! “Solidwool is a new way of working with wool. It is a beautiful […]
  • Baabuks Joggers | WOOLFOREVERYDAY
    Update: November 2019 I BOUGHT THESE! Officially taking these off my Unicorn List. See @S_Wan926 on Instagram for the woolly orange and grey goodness! I find their soles very supporting. The felt has […]
  • Allbirds Runners | WOOLFOREVERYDAY
    I’ve had my eye on these when they were startup Three Over Seven.  By far the most popular brand among my wool colleagues and friends!I have these in Natural White with Cream Sole! 17.5 micron superfine New Zealand Merino wool. Click here to go to Allbirds to check pricing. Yes, not […]
  • Giesswein Joggers | WOOLFOREVERYDAY
    Giesswein’s joggers shoes are made from 100% Merino wool using the 3D stretch technique in Austria! These are my very first pair of wool shoes. I love them to bits! They have the […]