The One Wool Item I Keep Buying & Never Use

What?! No jokes. There’s a item made from 100% Merino wool out in the world that I’ve bought and keep buying and have yet to use. Yes, all the wool items I review are used personally by me – but I have to make a very exceptional exception for the Australian Made, Merino wool baby sleeping bags from Melbourne-based Merineo, owned by Claire Hausler.

Six. I have purchased six Merineo’s to date with four heading interstate and two headed overseas.

Claire is an absolute star – she makes baby gifting an absolute piece of cake. She even helped me incorporate not one but two TimTam deliveries (Aussie chocolate biscuit) to my overseas friends . Each gifted Merineo included a personalised card message (in nicer writing that I could ever manage), was immaculately wrapped and packaged (another area I get a point for ‘trying’) and every recipient has absolutely loved their Merineo item.

I can honestly say I haven’t trialled a Merineo, but haven’t needed to – the feedback I get is more than enough to make this as my go-to gift for new offspring.

Now as someone in awe of her friends who have created little humans I’ve come to believe that a gift to mark such an occasion cannot just be pretty. This is a little person my friends have MADE. I have a hard enough time making dinner! In these days of fast fashion – go instead where function is king and knowing that a gift positively contributes to the health, safety and wellbeing of that little human is just priceless.

And a wool sleeping bag does just that.

The natural wool fibre is breathable so baby is less clammy, supports better sleep and promotes weight gain. All while being natural, sustainable and biodegradable. Learn more..

Merineo’s are also hospital trialed – with the flagship newborn swaddling bags proven to help babies sleep better. And baby sleeps – Mum and Dad sleep! There are also acknowledged as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

And safety. Unlike synthetics which can melt and stick to the skin at temperatures as low as 160C, wool never melts. It is also self-extinguishing and it’s flame resistant properties provide protection which makes wool the safer choice. Read more in Merineo’s article about the Fire Safety Standards For Children’s Nightwear.

I picked the colours myself when gifting and I love that the colours are not a bland neutral – which is prevalent in gifting before knowing the gender – instead thoughtful shades that can go either way. But if you’d prefer to let the new Mum and Dad browse the colour offering, Merineo also offers gift cards.

And now not just sleeping bags! Merineo has branched out with a line of singlets, leggings with fold over foot cuffs and long sleeved tops with fold over mittens. They are all in 200gsm weighted highly breathable cool mesh fabric knit (made in Italy) which is suitable for summer and winter temperatures and all 100% 17.5 micron superfine Merino wool.

The Merineo “mesh” newborn swaddling bag was displayed at Italy’s main trade fair, Milano Unica – which features the world’s most innovative textile samples produced by leading manufacturers for the world’s top end fashion market. Read more..

I was so excited to get photos from Claire of my latest purchase being shipped that I shared it with the Twitterverse and the left is a text message I received from a highly regarded Australian wool professional who is on the same page about sending Australian made Merino products to our loved ones to show we care, especially those overseas who we cannot be with.

I love it when other people love the same wool products I do!

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Samantha Wan is a first generation Australian-born Chinese. From a non-farming background, she partners with Australian wool growers to market their wool clip in her role as a wool broker. She is the recipient of industry recognised awards and promotes wool as the natural fibre for today's slow fashion, every day. Wool has improved her quality of life and she wants to share those benefits to improve the lives of others. Sam's dream is for every person to have one item made from natural wool in their wardrobe. Ask her about her woollen shoes or where wool is taking her next!

One thought on “The One Wool Item I Keep Buying & Never Use

  1. Thank you Samantha for publishing your experience with Merineo!! So pleased to read about the feedback you’ve been receiving from those you’ve gifted Merineo Swaddle Bags too! Thank you for sharing this feedback amongst your followers. I really appreciate it! Claire x


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