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Hi there! Are you here because you came across the sheep scale?
Would love to hear where you saw it or screenshot to add to the gallery below.
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I made the sheep-scale as a way to check in on my sheep and wool mates in a fun way, ask #RUOK & actively listen to the answer.

We’re all currently facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, and one of the most important things we can all do is check in with each other.

Beyond Blue

We. like many, have had rural and regional sheep shows cancelled due to COVID-19. These shows are sometimes the only time we see each other and have been unable to have that personal contact after months of fire, flood and drought in Australia, and now COVID. I’m a little different in that I’m based in a city region that has me locked down for a second time. This time, to only a 5km area.

I don’t usually create these kinds of things.. (“Memes” I’ve been told). But I’m hearing that this one has grown legs. Also had a serious fan-girl moment seeing it got a share from North Wales farming identity — Gareth Wyn Jones!

Read about Sheep #5 & Sheep #6 – Check in with each other – Share the Post

Other shares that have made my day:

“..use it as a tool for facilitating participants’ introductions in webinars and online trainings. I work for a non-profit organisation in Finland, in the field of occupational health and safety.” — Sara via email

“I am a teacher in Japan and will be using your sheep scale to check-in with my students as we are studying online at the moment. Thank you!” Zane via email

Sheep #5 & Sheep #6

Blossom the gorgeously flower-glam #6: Unfortunately, I was mortified to learn I had used a copyrighted image but was very glad to learn that the owner had no issue as it was to promote wool. Thank you to Sara Dunham (Instagram @thecrazysheeplady and Props to Sara for also picking up which one wasn’t a sheep – added to really summarise how I was feeling. Sara also created the (Inter)National Hug A Sheep Day which is always the last Saturday in October – add it to your calendar!

I’m using this as an opportunity to get to know someone else as passionate about sheep and wool from another part of the world, north central Kentucky!

If you have stumbled across our website for the first time, and you aren’t sure what we If you have stumbled across our website for the first time, and you aren’t sure what we do, then please allow us to introduce ourselves and to welcome you here to Wool for Every Day. Wool for Every Day is a wool education and wool product curation platform, the passion project of a wool industry professional. Simply put, we are on a mission to highlight products made from wool and that wool is the natural fibre for today’s world, every day.

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Sleepy sheep #5: Hails from Mrs. Dowson’s Farm Park in Blackburn, United Kingdom. They produce their own award winning icecream from their own dairy cows! They also do lambing live and nature walks. I wish I’d known about this place during my UK visit but so glad that it is on my radar now.

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Samantha Wan is a first generation Australian-born Chinese. From a non-farming background, she partners with Australian wool growers to market their wool clip in her role as a wool broker. She is the recipient of industry recognised awards and promotes wool as the natural fibre for today's slow fashion, every day. Wool has improved her quality of life and she wants to share those benefits to improve the lives of others. Sam's dream is for every person to have one item made from natural wool in their wardrobe. Ask her about her woollen shoes or where wool is taking her next!

16 thoughts on “Sheep Scale 1-9 Meme | Wool For Every Day

  1. Hi there
    I live in on the island of Anglesey, off the coast of North Wales and I saw your sheep-scale on Facebook. It made me laugh, so I shared it with the women in my family and some friends, who are all crocheters. It kept us entertained all morning!

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  2. I am a teacher in Japan and will be using your sheep scale to check-in with my students as we are studying online at the moment. Thank you!


    1. Dear Zane, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your use of the Sheep Scale – it has made me day. I hope it gives some happy sheepish smiles during this time. Keep well!

      Best regards, Sam


      On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 6:30 PM Wool For Every Day wrote:



  3. Found your sheet scale on a mental health charity’s facebook page called the DPJ foundation. I’d like to use it for an internal publication within our company as the DPJ foundation is our charity of the year and we’re dealing with mental health for the latest edition

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  4. I’m in California, USA and I found your sheep scale when I googled, “Which are you today?” as I do this a lot to look for these scales to check in with my middles schoolers during distance learning. Thanks!

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  5. Thank you Sam,

    This is great! I came across your sheep scale on the website of some new connections. I used it in my TGIF post on LinkedIn.

    btw I grew up on a dairy farm in Eastern Ontario, Canada, and can relate to the challenges you face.
    Wish you all the best!

    Toronto, Canada

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  6. Hi Sam,
    May I have your permission to use the sheep scale on welcoming or ice-breaker slides for my workshops and classes? To be very honest, I have already been using it (with proper acknowledgement) and participants love it! Fellow workshop facilitators also asked when I found the sheep scale.
    I am a first generation Chinese living and learning in Vancouver, Canada. I wish to be a #2, and am content to be a #3.
    Vancouver, Canada


  7. I LOVE YOUR SHEEP SCALE!! I am a fiber artist and a therapist, may I have your permission to use your sheep scale for my students and clients?? And also share it on my LinkedIn? Thanks!!

    Philadelphia, PA


  8. Alt-Text? Anyone? I created the following Alt-Text, but thought I should ask my participants/students to create alt-text as an ice-breaker activity.

    Sorry, Sam. I’m using this as an educator/facilitation discussion thread. By the way, you have some amazing wooling wool products 🙂

    My simple alt-test:

    On this sheep-scale, how do you feel today?
    1. A sheep sticking its tongue out
    2. A lamb tilting its head on the head with a smile
    3. A sheep with overgrown hair covering both of its eyes
    4. A sheep with a yellow bucket covering its head
    5. A lamb resting its head on the field
    6. A sheep wearing a flower wreath
    7. A sheep half hiding behind a wall
    8. A sheep with yellow flowers on its ears sticking its tongue out
    9. A jumping lamb

    Credit: Wool for Every Day #IWOOLWOOLYOU


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