Merino Face Mask by Merino Country

Where to buy a face mask? How about right here in Australia. Support an Australian family business that is using natural Australian Merino wool fibre. Merino Country is an Australian family business who’s products are made in Australia and since creating the Merino Face Masks have required extra staff, thereby supporting local jobs and communities during this time. Read their blog post Australian Merino Face Masks… Naturally!

21 July | Most colours available on back order, not ready until 27 July. I’ve put in a work-related back order for 10. Check the Merino Country website for exact details.
29 July | Order delivered! I stuffed up and went standard shipping but they arrived within 8 days.

Back in April a fellow wool colleague raised his purchase of the Merino Country Face Mask — at the time I wasn’t convinced I needed one. Mixed research, mixed opinions. A week ago, it was only recommended but given the spate of panic-buying taking place in the western suburbs again and the suburb I live in being said in the news more than the channel they are reporting for.. it felt like the right time to proactively mask. Fast forward to lockdown 2.0 and as of last week with the numbers increasing in my local area, I had ordered four. Now with the announcement of mandatory face coverings, I’m glad I did. I first searched for Face Masks closer to home only to be disappointed to find nearly most Victorian based companies were out of stock – or waiting on stock to arrive (from where?) and in line with wool as a slow-fashion frame, single use was to be the last option.

Given the gravity of the situation, I purchased four and I opted for express post for a small additional fee — I ordered on Sunday at 8.19PM, the tracked order was flagged as on it’s way by Monday 12.00pm and was delivered Tuesday 10.30am. Delivered in less than 40 hours.

These Merino face masks suit my situation, please assess to ensure they suit yours – the Merino wool fabric is a natural washable reusable alternative to single-use plastic/polyester masks or those with single use filters. Under lockdown, my main use for the Merino mask is for grocery shopping ‘buying essentials’ – though that may change pending advice from my place of work.

Searching for an Australian Made Reusable Face Mask? Be sure to check out Queensland’s Merino Country Face Masks.

As from the description the Merino Country Merino Face Masks are NOT P2 and are NOT surgical. “The layers of fabric and masks tested by ANFF-Q at the University of Queensland with the brief to test the morphology and filtering ability of the fabric to capture particles. To date this has shown the masks to be effective in filtering out a large proportion of particles but the main use of any cloth mask is to act as a barrier.”

The fabric is soft, and the cut fits comfortably as a barrier while still being able to breathe without hassle. The masks are reversible with one side Black so my selection for myself and Mr. B was one each in Orange, Red, Blue and Pink. The four have tags on Black outer so I have not worn them colour-side out yet, as am unsure about the feel of the tag.

Looking after your skin under the mask? I use Lanolips 101 Ointment daily.

Per the instructions, before first use the Merino Face Masks went into a warm wash before wearing, in a delicates bag and were allowed to line dry.

If you have stumbled across our website for the first time, and you aren’t sure what we If you have stumbled across our website for the first time, and you aren’t sure what we do, then please allow us to introduce ourselves and to welcome you here to Wool for Every Day. Wool for Every Day is a wool education and wool product curation platform, the passion project of a wool industry professional. Simply put, we are on a mission to highlight products made from wool and that wool is the natural fibre for today’s world, every day.

After use – in my car, I keep an empty ice-cream container lined with a used produce bag from fresh fruit/veg shopping. Un-masking is easy: after untying the strings, the mask goes straight into the bag to get ready for being washed.

When wearing, I have first being putting my hair into a pony-tail so it stops the top strap slipping. Mr B. opts for a smooth scalp but has had no problems with the ties moving and has also worn with a beanie over the top. We have been tying the straps into a bow for easy removal later and have not had the straps slip.

The Merino Country website is extremely easy to navigate and customer service is exceptional. I have also purchased Giesswein Wool Joggers and Merino Wool Wundies from them!

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From 11.59pm, Wednesday 22 July – face coverings will be mandatory for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire.

Screenshot: Click here for the Premier’s press release.
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