Drysdale Pullover from Iris & Wool

The Drysdale Pullover from South Australian label, Iris & Wool is a stunning piece, in a collection that is timelessly sophisticated, striking modern designs with sleek silhouettes.

All graceful words of things I am not. So I was interested to see how I could fit this into my type of wearing.

Being designed and made in Australia is incredible and the label itself has a beautiful story behind it. But the amazement continues in the fibre Director & Designer, Emily, has carefully selected. The Drysdale (from AW19 collection) is made from 100% Superfine Tasmanian Merino Wool. The drape and breathability lend it to any climate and come to play with the transeasonal cut. And it can be worn two ways! The pull over is also zero waste – with state of the art technology giving it a huge environmental tick.

“A bit of a chic take on your normal pull over, cropped with our signature blouson sleeves and ribbed neckline, sleeves & hem.”

‘Drysdale’ Description from Iris & Wool

For those more separate from style-lingo, blouson is a garment with a close waistband with ‘blousing’ of material over it. The material causes it to ‘blouse out’ and hang over the band.

If you have stumbled across our website for the first time, and you aren’t sure what we do, then please allow us to introduce ourselves and to welcome you here to Wool for Every Day. Wool for Every Day is a wool education and wool product curation platform, the passion project of a wool industry professional. Simply put, we are on a mission to highlight products made from wool and that wool is the natural fibre for today’s world, every day. Please support this venture by using links directly from our website – at no cost to you, some purchases may result in a small commission that goes toward funding this project. Every little bit helps!

This was the swing dress all over again. It’s cropped. How do I wear this? I have a long torso as it is. The blouson sleeve (so my research led me) is “a statement making feature, with the trick being to keep the rest of the outfit streamlined to allow the sleeves to be the focal point.” Gotcha. Happy to report no wardrobe malfunctions and numerous compliments on the well-cut super soft fabric!

I accidentally put this piece in the washing machine and it managed fine. It actually brought the sizing down a bit so I am looking forward to being brave enough to wear it the other way it can work!

Currently on sale for $231.20 — See Iris & Wool for a zero waste, Australian Merino fibre, sophisticated Australian designed & Australian made forever piece. Be sure to check out the rest of the collection and support a bush business.

Iris & Wool AW20 is now available for preorder.

Created by the lovely Director and Designer, Emily, I’m fortunate to have come across this label after seeing a very familiar sight on Instagram – a photo of the wool show floor, my second home and workplace. Emily is also a wool grower and partners with the woolbroking company I work for to market their wool clip.

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Samantha Wan is a first generation Australian-born Chinese. From a non-farming background, she partners with Australian wool growers to market their wool clip in her role as a wool broker. She is the recipient of industry recognised awards and promotes wool as the natural fibre for today's slow fashion, every day. Wool has improved her quality of life and she wants to share those benefits to improve the lives of others. Sam's dream is for every person to have one item made from natural wool in their wardrobe. Ask her about her woollen shoes or where wool is taking her next!

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