The SWOOLLY | woolforeveryday review

Being based in Melbourne, it’s not every day that you get to head across to the west of the country for a wool sale, auctioneer Western Australian wool and then come home with your own piece of it. That’s right. A piece of it!

The SWOOLLY wool sweater jumper | the specs review

  • 19.5 micron 100% Australian (Western Australian) Merino wool comes with all highly wearable benefits of all wool and makes for a super soft feel.
  • Machine washable thanks to the mercerised yarn (read ‘safe from Sam’s domestic s/kills’)
  • Half zip front complete with Woolmark logo on the tab, as a general public beacon/conversation starter to ‘yes this is made of wool’ and I’m not super brave so majority unzipped is my go to
  • SWOOLLY label at the back – should definitely be in a lighter colour for the next batch because who doesn’t want to talk about wool?
  • Good height collar that sits up tidily on its own at a sort of trendy cuddle without screaming strangely upright.
  • Spot on with sleeve lengths, which was a huge relief for me since torso/arm ratio can be a bit hit and miss.. added bonus of thumb holes for layering functionality and hand warmth
  • Lightweight & perfectly layerable or worn as is – zero prickle next to skin

  • Sizing guide – take the time and do a measure, very easy to navigate to make sure you have the right fit
  • Two colours – Charcoal Grey and Navy Blue. After much deliberation, I opted for the Grey because the I’m still in love with my Navy Bow & Arrow jumper, don’t really have light coloured pants and am a sucker for a mottley grey..
  • Pickup option available, shipping is a little extra and bulk options catered for

Sadly, it’s not a regular thing to get a hold of a quality woollen piece and get change back from handing over a note. But priced at under $90, be sure to head over to and get your own piece of Western Australia! (And hey, let me know if you rate it as much as I do!)

$5 from every SWOOLLY sold is directly donated to the Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation!

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