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UNICORN ALERT: It’s no secret that I’ve been desperately seeking a well-priced Merino wool business/dress shirt/button up to pony up with my suit and level up. I’m a sucker for a good button up. But since my days showing Merinos in the sheep judging ring are fairly done, my RM Williams cotton shirts feel out of place.

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I’m feeling guilty hoping the Aussie dollar rises since generally, a lower dollar is better for the wool market… But while I crunch the numbers of my pay, I’d like to share those I’ve been calculating out almost daily (send help).

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Wool & Prince Safari Shirt 100% Merino wool, 16.5 micron woven fabric. Also comes in a deep blue. 190gsm. Pinch point is indeed the USD/AUD conversion @ $148USD + shipping.

Wool&Prince Fitted Oxford 100% Merino, 17.5 micron. Others colours available. 210gsm, $128USD

Click here for Men’s Wool&Prince Range

Libertad Merino Travel Shirts
Men’s only: 18 micron, 130gsm. Two fits Modern and Classic.
Single pocket, longsleeve @ $139 USD.

Icebreaker 43% Merino Wool – Men’s flannel $132AUD

Smartwool Merino Men’s Button Down, 56% Merino Wool $100USD

Alex Merino by wolk at 145Euro, 17.5 micron

Know of others? Get in contact!

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