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The Icebreaker Lifetime Sock Guarantee. It is definitely a thing and it’s what made me more at ease with spending around $35 (or less, if there was a sale on – like now) on a pair of socks.

Move over cost per wear, this reduces cost per pair!

And not just any socks, Icebreaker socks with merino wool. Merino wool that wicks away sweat, regulates your temperature and is odour-resistant – all naturally.

A lifetime guarantee seems to be a mystical unicorn of the retail world. The old addage of “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” rings pretty loudly. Surely there is a catch, there’s no way they’d do it for socks. Socks! You’d have to count the number of stitches broken or the size of the hole has to be precise to the micrometre and have a receipt signed in calligraphy by a merino ram?!

Nothing of the sort. I have a number of Icebreaker socks (mainly light and medium crews) in my stash, so does Mr. B. He was the first to test the theory – we were hopeful but thought for sure there was a catch. Silly us for doubting!

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Last week, I got my first replacement! My blue and white pair had been worn every week for a couple of years, thinning out and copping holes. Paired with RMW boots to work, they gave plenty of comfort and held off the chill of the concrete floors pretty well.

And over at Icebreaker Chadstone it was easier than you can imagine. I’m still a bit stunned. Hand over the oldies, and go home with newies! A brand new pair of Icebreaker socks!

How’s that for bang for your buck, a well socked out investment!

Sock Details: Medium Cushion, Over the Calf. SKI+ Left + Right Atomic Fit (Black/Silver) With Achilles, ankle and instep support. Seamless toe closure. Variable cushion density. 66% Wool, 32% Nylon, 2% Elastane. Made in the USA. RRP $44.95

New Socks!
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