Wundies by Merino Country | WOOLFOREVERDAY

Wool underwear. Underwear made of wool.
Truly, really. And they are next level incredible!

And not just any wool, 100% Australian Merino wool and made in Australia.

WHY   I’m likely preaching to the converted, but for those still wondering if I’m all there – the natural features and benefits of wool make it a perfect fabric for the needs of next to skin underwear. Wool wicks away moisture and is highly breathable. Antibacterial, it won’t help those bacterial that cause a pong. All of this being highly essential to deal with the every day living of commutes and stress.

I’m not an impulse buyer so I’ve had these on the backburner for a very long while.  Honestly though, just get on these. I’m feeling a bit silly for holding off for so long.

Thoughts ran around pretty mathematically….. $90. $90 for 3. That’s $30 a pair. Sure, you’re looking at around $10 for a pair of Bonds but these are easily more than 3 times better.

  1. 100% Australian Merino Wool
    Already mentioned, very relevant – just the best wool for the job.
    Not a prickle in the fabric. Breathable, moisture wicking, no pong
  2. Made in Australia
    That’s right, no foreign imports here.
  3. Supporting Australian business
    In skipped along point 2….
  4. Wundies is extremely fun to say
    Wun-dees…. For Mondies, Tuesdies, Wednesdies…..
  5. The reaction from people you tell that your underwear is made from wool is priceless.
    Top notch conversation. Spare a thought to my colleagues who were totally treated to me waving around my new (unworn) underwear.

CHOICE   I opted for the 3 pack, because numbers won out with $30 a pair more cost effective than $33 a pair. I wasn’t keen on the beige so a quick email managed a Purple, Orange and Black. They’ve got the Bond-esque band with WUNDIES. Sizing is true.

Merino Country customer service is impeccable. Being based in Melbourne – I had these delivered to my mum’s place, just before I flew out to Dubbo and they met me in Sydney.

These are AMAZING. Though I didn’t have them at Dubbo I’d been in Sydney for near 2 weeks with 3 of those days on the go as a steward at the Merino section of the Sydney Royal. That’s three days in the Sheep Pavilion, many days in Sydney and (too) many days on (the lockbox that is) public transport. A short day rouseabouting in Molong, then the stressful night wandering around looking for my missing (then found!) silly doofus of a dog. And include the long (790 kilometres) drive Sydney to Melbourne via Molong.

These are my go to on wool sale day. Too much info? Too bad. Auctioneering is by far the most sweat-inducing, heart-stomping feather I’ve added to my wool-career resume. But Wundies have got my back.

The biggest problem now… is wanting more!

Shop the range: https://www.merinocountry.com/wundies/

While you’re there, check out Merino Country’s stock of Giesswein wool joggers – I’ve got teal ones!

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Samantha Wan is a passionate wool advocate. She is a wool industry professional, a wool broker - working to maximise returns to Australian wool growers. Wool for Every Day is her personal wool product curation project, promoting wool products for every day use via samanthawan.com.au 🔹 2019 Winner of National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia’s (NCWSBA) Annual Wool Broker Award 🔸 2019 WoolProducers Australia, Youth Ambassador 🔹 Wool Young Farming Champion

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