Devold Trollkyrkja

*UNICORN* This is definitely a post to save me taking away the impressiveness of the product by attempting to pronounce this on correctly.

I was fortunate enough to hear Devold CEO, Cathrine Stange, speak at the IWTO Congress 2018 in Hong Kong “Wool for Future Markets.” about the importance of wool to the Devold brand and their holistic approach to quality.

Norwegian outdoor brand, going back to 1853. Woolmark licensee. Won 2017 ISPO award for this outerlayer. Wind AND Water resistant. 100% Australian Merino Wool, 16.5 microns, 230 g / m2

I’ve price checked this a few times, but at a cool AUD$989.12 (5999 NOK) I may just keep an eye on sock prices for now.

Having survived my cold travels without the Trollkyrkja, and with the environ conditions I’m expecting to be in, this will stay on my unicorn list. I’m quite happy wearing it’s lighter cousin to work, the Woolmark WR Optim Jacket.

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