Wool’s many lives

“Research by Textile Materials and Technology at Leeds University has
shown that wool products have the potential for two or more uses or ‘lives’ and a total ‘active life’ of 20-30 years.” Read more IWTO Factsheet: Recycling and Wool

Click here to check out the rest of the Wool Industry Pipeline.

I don’t know how many years Gabe (yep, named it) the Giesswein jacket had before I found him in a local op. shop. But I’m looking forward to the cold weather!

Type ‘wool‘ into Facebook Marketplace and you might be in for a surprise!
My local listings that I’ve got my eye on include:
$48 for a 100% Pure Merino Wool, Country Road throw blanket
$20 for 6 rolls of Jumbuk Bairnsdale Wool Yarn
$80 for 100% Merino wool dress by SABA (worn once RRP $399)
$69 for 70% wool trench, made in Australia

Share your awesome finds! #IWOOLWOOLYOU

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Passionate promoter of wool in every day living. Wool for Every Day - I WOOL, WOOL YOU?

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