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Calm yourself, this dress has pockets! The Rowena is buttery soft. Made from 78% merino wool (for the wool-nerds like me, they use 17.5 micron) with 22% nylon at 160 gsm.

UPDATE: After you’ve read about the Original Rowena check out my Wool for Every Day review of the FABRIC UPDATE Rowena. Wool + pockets (What are you waiting for??)

“rowena swing dress: the pocketed, long-sleeve, merino dress in a flattering fit that wants to be worn every day of the week, dressed up or dressed down.” Wool&

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I ordered the dress in small and the arms are the perfect length, though I tended to roll them up. Perfect match for Allbirds sneakers! The shape itself is more flowy than what I usually wear – I did have to do a bit of research into how exactly to wear a swing dress.. so I paired it with an RM Williams O-ring belt to get back my waist.

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The Rowena has turned into an absolute staple. Add stockings, boots and a scarf or poncho and she is all class for the cooler times. She made an appearance at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show – Women in Wool luncheon, presenting at a South Australian wool grower functionand post-meeting (wool, of course) dinners where I’m always asked ‘is it wool?’. Head to @S_Wan926 on Instagram for more!

$128 USD/$173 AUD approx.

*Add Rowena Wool into your life: Click here to go to wool&

*Add Rowena Wool into your life: Click here to go to wool&

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