Wool for Every Day

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Wool for Every Day – I WOOL, WOOL YOU? was created in response to continued feedback from client wool growers and wool colleagues: questions to answers on where to FIND WOOL and BUY WOOL.

I am incredibly privileged to have many opportunities to talk directly with Australian wool growers, school students and next generation wool consumers. [go to “About Me”]

I recently gave a presentation to wool growing clients that finished with an informal talk on wool items, featuring my wool shoes. Their interest in being able to purchase and wear wool was high. I also answered questions on how I incorporate the next-generation wool fabrics in my day to day, while travelling and how they perform. 

Wool shoes (yes, without socks) and their footbed support when going for a bike ride, walking my dogs or just going to the shops. Wool socks for when bright teal wool joggers aren’t quite subtle enough for work.

2019 I’m looking forward to packing wool for ITALY
2018 saw wool tees and shorts in Hong Kong‘s 36 degrees celcius, 98% humidity for IWTO. Wool everything in Iceland when snorkelling in the 3C waters, ice caving, glacier climbing. Again wool everything in England and Scotland during the ‘Beast from the East’ of March 2018

Disappointingly, the echoing response was that these wool growers didn’t know where to find them and were more keen for personal recommendations and suggestions and actual physical examples of the product.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this request. This site is a means to broadcast what I’ve got my eye on with wool items available for purchase, special offers or special ‘unicorns’ I haven’t quite gotten around to saving for.

Got some recommendations? Leave me a comment!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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Every time a woollen garment is sold - a wool grower wins, a local store wins, a community wins. Samantha Wan is a wool broker - working to maximise returns to Australian wool growers. Wool for Every Day is her personal wool product curation project, promoting wool products for every day use via samanthawan.com.au 🔹 2019 Winner of National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia’s (NCWSBA) Annual Wool Broker Award 🔸 2019 WoolProducers Australia, Youth Ambassador 🔹 Wool Young Farming Champion Her passion for wool has been grown and nurtured by rich experiences, not born. She grew up in the western Sydney suburb of Blacktown and these experiences have influenced active promotion of agriculture and wool as prospective career to the next generation.

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