Giesswein Joggers

Chances are you’ve seen me with these or tried to swipe them off me if your foot was small enough! I bought these in teal from Australia stockist, Merino Country with free shipping for Mother’s Day before I left for Wool Congress in Hong Kong. Excellent customer service. I wear them for bike rides, walking the dog, my go to casual shoe. 

$185 + Standard Post 3-10 days delivery $11
(depends on the Australia Post zone)
Click here to visit Merino Country (Australian Stockist, QLD)

Giesswein’s Merino products are made with 3D-stretch technique.
100% Merino wool materials. Made in Austria.

Got a pair? Comment below!

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Every time a woollen garment is sold - a wool grower wins, a local store wins, a community wins. Samantha Wan is a wool broker - working to maximise returns to Australian wool growers. Wool for Every Day is her personal wool product curation project, promoting wool products for every day use via 🔹 2019 Winner of National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia’s (NCWSBA) Annual Wool Broker Award 🔸 2019 WoolProducers Australia, Youth Ambassador 🔹 Wool Young Farming Champion Her passion for wool has been grown and nurtured by rich experiences, not born. She grew up in the western Sydney suburb of Blacktown and these experiences have influenced active promotion of agriculture and wool as prospective career to the next generation.

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