Allbirds Runners

I’ve had my eye on these when they were startup Three Over Seven.  By far the most popular brand among my wool colleagues and friends!
I have these in Natural White with Cream Sole!

Treat yo’self

$140 AUD and free shipping worldwide! 17.5 micron superfine New Zealand Merino wool.

Click here to go to Allbirds

Yes, not Australian. But these are all sorts of beaut! I bought myself a pair of Allbirds to celebrate being awarded the 2018 Elders Employee of the Year. I’m also guilty of in-event messaging a delegate (venture capitalist) at agri-tech event, evokeAG to confirm he was wearing Allbirds (which he was!)

These are like walking on clouds. White was a brave option, and I’ve learnt I walk a bit oddly a graze the top of the shoe sometimes. Best to keep these boxed if you decide on a pale pair as they seem to pick up a bit of dust. I do have my heart set on a grey pair once saving allows!

Allbirds Women’s Wool Runners Allbirds

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Top questions:

  • Do they stretch? Mine has eased a little but nothing dramatic.
  • Can you run in them? I guess so, they are more a casual walking shoe though.
  • Do you wear socks with them? Not usually, sometimes a light half sock
  • Are they temperature hot? I didn’t find my feet heating up at all

Paired with the wool& rowena wool dress

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Every time a woollen garment is sold - a wool grower wins, a local store wins, a community wins. Samantha Wan is a wool broker - working to maximise returns to Australian wool growers. Wool for Every Day is her personal wool product curation project, promoting wool products for every day use via 🔹 2019 Winner of National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia’s (NCWSBA) Annual Wool Broker Award 🔸 2019 WoolProducers Australia, Youth Ambassador 🔹 Wool Young Farming Champion Her passion for wool has been grown and nurtured by rich experiences, not born. She grew up in the western Sydney suburb of Blacktown and these experiences have influenced active promotion of agriculture and wool as prospective career to the next generation.

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