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I’ve had my eye on these when they were startup Three Over Seven.  By far the most popular brand among my wool colleagues and friends!
I have these in Natural White with Cream Sole!

Treat yo’self

$140 AUD and free shipping worldwide! 17.5 micron superfine New Zealand Merino wool.

Click here to go to Allbirds

Yes, not Australian. But these are all sorts of beaut! I bought myself a pair of Allbirds to celebrate being awarded the 2018 Elders Employee of the Year. I’m also guilty of in-event messaging a delegate (venture capitalist) at agri-tech event, evokeAG to confirm he was wearing Allbirds (which he was!)

These are like walking on clouds. White was a brave option, and I’ve learnt I walk a bit oddly a graze the top of the shoe sometimes. Best to keep these boxed if you decide on a pale pair as they seem to pick up a bit of dust. I do have my heart set on a grey pair once saving allows!

Allbirds Women’s Wool Runners Allbirds

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Top questions:

  • Do they stretch? Mine has eased a little but nothing dramatic.
  • Can you run in them? I guess so, they are more a casual walking shoe though.
  • Do you wear socks with them? Not usually, sometimes a light half sock
  • Are they temperature hot? I didn’t find my feet heating up at all

Paired with the wool& rowena wool dress

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Samantha Wan is a passionate wool advocate. She is a wool industry professional, a wool broker - working to maximise returns to Australian wool growers. Wool for Every Day is her personal wool product curation project, promoting wool products for every day use via 🔹 2019 Winner of National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia’s (NCWSBA) Annual Wool Broker Award 🔸 2019 WoolProducers Australia, Youth Ambassador 🔹 Wool Young Farming Champion

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